Gear Reduction Starter Installation On 1275 Bugiii's

After replacing the Lucas starter on my Bugeye twice in the past 15 months I decide to give the Gear Reduction Starter a shot. I called Paul at Morriservice in Portland Oregon and he shipped me one for a trial fit.

The GRS mounting flange is adjustable within limits. There are two set screws that bolt the flange to the starter body. By removing these screws, rotating the flange to another set of holes, and reinstalling the screws, the starter body can be rotated into three positions relative to the mounting flange. The GRS also has a built-in solenoid.

There are a couple of ways to wire the solenoid depending on how your car is currently configured. I chose to leave my solenoid in place and just run a jumper from the main power cable starter connection to the starter solenoid. This way my old solenoid activates the main power cable which activates the starter solenoid via the jumper. This does require powering two solenoids during starting.

Another method would be to connect the cable from the battery to your old solenoid to the same pole as the cable from the old solenoid to the starter. Then run the starter switch wire to the new solenoid instead of the old solenoid. This leaves the old solenoid in place but not used.

The first problem on this installation was the way my oil filter was mounted. The filter was mounted using a later 1275 screw on filter head attached to a spacer of unknown Spridget vintage (See picture below). This resulted in a forward tilt and as a result the GRS could not be installed without hitting the filter.

Old Filter Mounting

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The second problem resulted from the starter mounting flange hitting the oil pan mounting flange. This stopped the flange from going close enough to the engine for the mounting holes to line up. This problem was solved by grinding a flat spot on the mounting flange at the point of contact with the pan flange.

Starter Mounted On Car

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Problem number one was solved by using a Moss spin-on oil filter adapter that I removed from my old 948 engine. This adapter fits up close to the block and the filter is mounted in the horizontial straight out from the block.

Completed Installation

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Big difference in how this starter spins the engine as compared to the Lucas starters.