Included is a link to the Chicagoland MG club web site. 
This link contains mostly British car books and includes pictures and descriptions.
Although leaning toward MG's rather than Spridget's this is a very impressive list of automotive books. The list was compiled and edited by David Lieb of the Spridget list.

1. MK1 Sprite Drivers Handbook.
2. Austin Healey Sprint MK1 Workshop Manual, A BMC Service Publication.
3. The Complete Offical Sprite/Midget by Robert Bentley, Inc.
4. The Sprites And Midgets, A Collector's Guide by Eric Dymoc.
5. Spritely Years, Race and rally memories from th classic era plus the full history of the Sebring Sprite by John Sprinzel and John Coulthard.
6. Tuning The A- Series Engine by David Vizard.
7. Original Sprite & Midget, the restorer's guide to all Austin Healey and MG Midget models 1958-1979 by Terry Horler with photographs by John Colley.
8. Sprite MG Midget Handbook and Service Manual.  Published by Floyd Clymer.
9. Owners handbook for Sprite Mk 3 and MG Midget Mk 2.  With Supplement for MG Midget Mk 1
10. MG Midget & Austin Healey Sprite, Restoration Preparation and Maintenance by Jim Tyler.
11. Restoration Manual for MG Midget & Austin Healey Sprite by Lindsay Porter
12. Haynes Repair Manual - MG Midget Austin-Healey Sprite 1958-80 All 948cc (58 cu in), 1098cc (67 cu in), 1275cc (78 cu in), and 1494cc (91 cu in) models.More Healeys by Geoff Healey (it's all Sprites)
13. More Healeys 2nd edition
14. The Healey Story By Donald Healey
15. The Healey Book by Bill Emerson (big and little Healeys)
16. Sprite/Midget Haynes manual
17. Sprites & Midgets by Anders Ditlev Clausager
18. Total Tuning for the classic Midget and Sprite by Daniel Stapleton
19. How to Power Tune Midget & Sprite by Stapleton
20. How to power tune updated
21. Classic British Cars by Johnson & Daniels
22. Mighty Midgets and Special Sprites by John Baggott
23. Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite Super Profile by Lindsay Porter
24. Austin Healey
25. Sprite MKI & MKII by P. Olyslager motor manual 23
26. AH Sprite by Autopress (shop manual)
27. Modified Motoring by John Sprinzel
28. Donald Healey My World of Cars
29. Maintaining the Breed by John Thornley (MGs)
30. Sports Cars and Competition Driving by Paul Frere
31. The Kings of the Road by Ken W. Purdy
32. MG Cars by C. Arthor Pearson (Uncorrected Proof)
33. Competitive Driving by Peter Roberts
34. BMC factory books.....
35. Sprite MKI and MKII Midget MKI AKD 3566 along with all these others,
36. AKD 3514
37. AKD 3411
38. AKD 3513
39. AKD 4021 blue
40. AKD 4021 green
41. Bentley manual (black) Official 1098
42. Bentley manual (red)   Official 1275
43. Leyland Sprite MKIII & MKIV AKM 0036
44. AH Sprite Special Tuning AKD 1021A
45. Special Tuning 1275 engines C-AKD 5098
46. The Concours Specs 1997
47. SU Carbs (Haynes)
48. Weber Carbs (Haynes)
49. Sprite drivers handbook
50. AH Sprite MKIV handbook
51. AH Sprite MKIV handbook (emissions)
52. MKIII Midget handbook blue GAN5UD
53. MKIII Midget handbook (red)(emissions)
54. Midget drivers handbook (rubber bumper) GAN6UF
55. Midget Drivers handbook 1979 GAN6UL
56. Tuning BMC Sports Cars by Mike Garton, 1969
57. C-AKD- 1021C, Special Tuning for the Midget and Sprite 948cc
58.C-AKD- 5097, Special Tuning for the Midget and Sprite 948cc & 1098cc Engines
59. C-AKD- 5098, Special Tuning for the Midget and Sprite 1275cc Engines
60. Tuning S.U. Carburetters, 1968 by Speed and Sports Publications LTD
61. Repairing Jaeger & Smiths Speedometers by Anthony Rhodes
62. Tuning the Lucas Distributor by Marcel Chichak

63. Generator and Control Box Tests, Joseph Lucas (Export) LTD, pub# 1448 Ex.
64. Engine Emission Control Workshop Manual Supplement, British Leyland Issue 2 #80604
65. Austin Cars by T.B.D. Service, 1963, C. Arthur Pearson Limited
66. Austin-Healey Buyers Guide by Richard Newton