leftsiderear.jpg_small.jpg (21842 bytes)

Fitting driver side outter sill. Inner fender not yet installed.

leftfootwell.jpg_small.jpg (20432 bytes)

New driver side footwell floor.

leftside001.jpg_small.jpg (21785 bytes)

Front view of driver side sill. Note that old "A" pillar has been left in place to use as a guide for mounting the new "B" pillar. This was not done on the passenger side and it was a real pain to allign the "A" and "b" pillars. The old "A" pillar will be replaced when the rest of the side is finished. I had planned on replacing the outter kick panel but the old one is in pretty good shape after a little pounding.

leftdoor.jpg_small.jpg (21584 bytes)

Fitting new drivers door to old "A"pillar and new "B" pillar. Outter fender is in place but the new inner fender is not yet installed.