Right Side Kick Panel   View Through Right Rear Wing Hole

Passenger Side Kick Panel After Installation. This panel required some modification. It required the removal of some material along the top and forward edge. It was just a tad too big.

I don't know the original source of this kick panel as I purchased it from Bryan Vandiver. It was leftover from his Bugeye restoration.

A view from the right side after removal of rear wing.

The white area that the red arrow is pointing at is all Bondo. It's about 3/4" thick at that point. This gives you an idea of how much was used to "Fix" the sheet metal damaged in one, or more, of my prior encounters with other cars, curbs, fences, Etc.

This is probably thin compared to what's on the rear deck panel. There was also a few layers of glass cloth on the rear deck.

View Of Frame Extension Damage   Another View Of Frame Extension Damage

This car was hit on the right side  twice in it's life plus I jumped a curb, drove it off an embankment, jumped a fence and left it high centered on a dirt levy. It took two tow trucks to drag it back to the road.

One of those mishaps mashed the passenger side inner wing into the boot frame extension. The frame extension buckled and tore away from the inner wing. It also tore the inner wing loose from the skeleton and buckled the skeleton. It was fixed With a lot of Bondo and fiberglass. 

You can't really tell from these pictures but a lot of pounding will be required to get the inner wing and frame extension back in shape. Even though it's hidden, it has to be fixed correctly in order for the boot floor to fit correctly.

The boot floor and the rear deck were also pretty mangled in the off road excursion. The entire rear section of the floor panel was also rusted out along with the seams between the wings and the rear deck. In the picture above, the one with the red arrow, you can see the flange where the wing and rear deck meet. What's left of that flange can be ground up by rubbing it between your fingers, wearing gloves of course :-)

Yet Another View Of Frame Extension Damage   Left Side Frame Extension

Another View of the Right Side Boot Frame Extension. You Can See the Waves and Dips in the Skeleton. The Left Side Boot Frame Extension and Skeleton are in Pretty Good Shape except for the Rust.