Fitting The Rear Wings And Deck


tn_rw_rearview.JPG (7899 bytes)  tn_rightwing.JPG (7613 bytes)

Right rear wing being fitted. Note that the "B" post has been welded to the wing.

tn_taillighthole.JPG (4686 bytes)  tn_deckandwing1.JPG (6126 bytes)  

The taillight and signal light holes and flange are not a perfect match. It looks like they were not made by the same company.

It's going to require some effort to make these mate properly.

tn_deckandwing.JPG (7354 bytes)

Right wing and rear deck being fitted.

tn_passdoor.jpg (4177 bytes)  tn_passrearfender.jpg (4974 bytes)

Passenger door fitted to the new "A" & "B"  post's. New passenger side rear fender and "B" post.

tn_passrear.jpg (2582 bytes)  tn_passrearquarter.jpg (5132 bytes) 

Rear view exposing the tail & signal light mismatch between the rear deck section and the fender section. Passenger Rear Quarter View