Internet Spridget List Members For West Virginia(1)

Name: Shamblin, Charles William
City: Glenville
State/Province: West Virginia
Country: USA
Area Code: 26351
Phone(Home): (304)462-5839
Web Site:
Model: 1964 Sprite MKII, will update
Comment: restoring
Check: YES
Who You Are: I am 18 years of age and im am a embious hard worker and a race dreamer. I am in the process of getting my ASE (Automotive Servise Exalence) and im useing my 64 sprite for a project car. My planse are to have the fromt of the frame dipt in crome and purches the wide body from. The Winners Circual, and get the most power out of my 1098cc if any suggestins dont be shy write me.