Internet Spridget List Members For Midget MKII

Name: Bolin, Tim
City: Mt. Pleasant
State/Province: South Carolina
Area Code: 843
Phone(Home): 881-1801, 843-883-9124, 843-883-9778
Web Site: n/a
Model: 1965 Midget MKII, GAN3L-25880
Comment: Under restoration
Check: YES

Name: Brown, David
City: Golden (Coalcreek)
State/Province: Colorado
Area Code: 303
Phone(Home): 303 642 3335
Web Site: None
Model: 1960 Bugeye,
Comment: currently in pieces, owned since '78
Model: 1973 Midget MKII,
Comment: owned since '93
Check: NO
Who You Are: Occupation: Respiratory Therapist, first Midget was a 1968 purchased in 1970.

Name: East-Jones, Alan
City: Warwick
State/Province: Warwickshire
Area Code: 0441926 (01926 in UK)
Phone(Home): 774295
Web Site:
Model: 1958 * Frogeye, AN5/40506
Comment: * ringed with a 60 Vin plate
Model: 1972 Midget MKII, GAN5 / 114928 G
Comment: SEPT 72 undergoing lengthy resto
Model: 1959 Frogeye, tbc
Comment: bought from Texas awaiting resto
Check: YES
Where: warwickshire
Who You Are: until being made redundant in April 09 I have worked all my life as a designer in the automotive industry, starting with an apprenticeship at The Lockheed Hydraulic brake Co and Borg & Beck clutch co finishing with Ricardo consultancy working on Bugatti Veyron & Ford GT etc. Always had BL cars from minis , MGBGTs, Maestros Metros to present MGF and MGZR and of course the 58 Frogeye. Also ride and maintain 1927 Sunbeam motorcycle and 1997 suzuki Bandit

Name: Fornal, Brad
City: Keene
State/Province: Texas
Area Code: 817
Phone(Home): 641-2486
Phone(Work): 645-8841
Web Site: None
Model: 1960 Bugeye, AN5L39107
Comment: Cherry Red Originally
Model: 1965 Sprite MKIII, HAN8L45054
Comment: BRG Originally, now Iris Blue w Black Int.
Model: 1965 Midget MKII, GAN3L36655
Comment: BRG w Black Seat and Saddle Tan panels. Rusty rockers, but runs
Model: 1968 Sprite MKIV, HAN9U74053G
Comment: Old English White Originally, now Guards Red w Black Int.
Model: 1965 Midget MKII, GAN3L29366
Comment: Tartan Red w Red Int.
Check: YES
Where: Dallas, Ft. Worth area
Who You Are: Purchasing agent buying lumber and woodworking equipment. Mechanic in training after hours........

Name: Gruskos, Alan
City: North Hanover
State/Province: New Jersey
Area Code: 08562
Web Site: None
Model: 1959 Bugeye,
Model: 1966 Midget MKII,
Check: YES
Where: NJ (south)

Name: Krajewski, Frank
City: Richmond
State/Province: Rhode Island
Area Code: 401
Phone(Home): 401-539-2879
Phone(Work): 401-792-9931
eMail: OR
Web Site: None
Model: 1958 Bugeye,
Comment: Lifetime restoration project
Model: 1961 Bugeye,
Comment: Template for 1958 Bugeye
Model: 1972 Midget MKII,
Comment: Donor Car resto project
Check: YES
Where: Rhode Island, northeast Connecticut.
Who You Are: Former H Production Bugeye driver for approximately 20 years on the west c coast(Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Riverside). Currently have 15 cars in collection, including 1980 MGBLE, 1964 & 1972 MGBs, 1967 MGBGT, 1958 MGA, 1966 Jag 3.8S, 1972 TR6, etc. Been to Carlisle for the past 3 years!

Name: Ruggiero, Larry
City: Warner Robins
State/Province: Georgia
Area Code: 31088
Phone(Home): (912) 929-2446
Web Site: None
Model: 65 Midget MKII, to be determined!
Comment: mixing/matching parts cars to build street-legal(?) vintage racer
Check: YES
Where: middle Georgia
Who You Are: Also own a '72 MGB. Air Force Reserve officer on extended active duty after a more "normal" life in Colorado. Finding numerous LBCs down here in the South, but the climate isn't as friendly to LBCs as it is in Colorado/Southwest.

Name: Samples, Roger
City: Mt Sterling
State/Province: Kentucky
Area Code: 859
Phone(Home): 498-7824
Phone(Work): 498-4444
Web Site: None
Model: 1966 Midget MKII, GAN3L41557
Comment: restored
Check: YES
Where: Bluegrass area of central Kentucky.
Who You Are: 59 Years old. Married with 4 children. Had a midget just like this one as my first car in 1969-1971. Replaced with 1971 Midget.

Name: Sienkiewicz, Olgierd
City: Maurik
Area Code:
Web Site: None
Model: 1968 Midget MKII,
Comment: In pretty fair shape, however the engine is beginning to show signs of prolonged enthusiastic use. When it dies, I'll do a body off restoration
Check: YES

Name: Tonry, Kim
City: Downers Grove
State/Province: Illinois
Area Code:
Web Site: None
Model: 1979 Midget 1500, GAN6UL 217634 G
Comment: Owned since 1981. 100K miler
Model: 1965 Midget MKII, GAN3L 39707
Model: 1969 Midget MKIII, GAN4U72574 G
Check: NO

Name: Van Kirk, Robert
City: Newnan
State/Province: Georgia
Area Code: 770
Phone(Home): 251 4798
Web Site: None
Model: 1965 Midget MKII, GAN3L 27125
Comment: Orig owner/Vintage Racer
Model: 1970 Midget MKIII, GAN5UA 83287G
Model: 1971 Midget MKII, GAN5L 91151G
Check: YES
Where: Atlanta, Ga. Northwestern Ga, Northeastern Al.
Who You Are: Retired from Delta Airlines 1996. Envolved with SCCA 1968 thru 1980 as racer, crew, corner worker. Vintage racer since 1988. Won championship with HSR 1992/94/96. Worked as fabricator for Jon Stamps Racing 1996 thru 1999 specializing in British cars. Originaly from Pittsburgh area, lived in Indianapolis for 18 years, now Atlanta area for 16 years.

Name: wiench, chris
City: wichita
State/Province: Kansas
Area Code: 67213
Web Site: None
Model: 1966 Midget MKII, gan-3L-41862
Comment: gonna be fast and way custom
Check: YES
Who You Are: I have two children,Abby and Rowan, and my wife stephanie who is deathly afraid I will die in a horrible accident in my midget.Needless to say she has never even takin a ride, but still loves what I created.-c-

Name: Woodward, Bruce
City: Warsaw
State/Province: Indiana
Area Code: 219
Phone(Home): 269-6101 eves
Phone(Work): 267-8816 days
Web Site:
Model: 1965 Midget MKII, GAN3L37491
Check: YES
Where: Northern Indiana
Who You Are: Real Estate Broker & Professional Landlord. Owned numerous B's,B-GT's, and a TR-3 back in my teens (mid 70's) had been exposed to TF & A's early on in my teen years. SU loves the Midget, thus looking for an A for myself as Jag 120 or 150 outa my price range.