Internet Spridget List Members For Midget MKI

Name: Eck, Chris
City: Akron
State/Province: Ohio
Area Code:
Phone(Work): 330-869-8810
Web Site: None
Model: 1959 Bugeye, AN5L16555
Comment: 1275, Toyota 5-spd, Vega GT wheels, great driver
Model: 1971 Midget, GAN5UB103449G
Comment: Former car, owned for 11 years from high school to hair loss
Model: 1959 Midget MKI, TR3A (TS54943L)
Comment: Beautiful classic British car in decent driving shape.
Check: NO
Who You Are: President of Eck & Associates Public Relations, Inc., in Akron, Ohio. Bought my first LBC (71 Midget) 15 years ago and drove it, had it refurbished, and drove it some more. It was joined by a Bugeye in 1996, then replaced in 1998 with a 59 TR3A -- only so much garage space and Ohio winters are brutal. Have also owned a series of sporting VWs/Audis as daily drivers (Scirocco, GTI VR6, etc.) and currently drive a 93 Audi S4 TQ. Also acquired a 91 Honda Nighthawk 750 and still have an old Indy bodied go-kart from when I was a kid. I pretty much will collect and drive or ride anything with wheels and an engine. Too bad I'm not a better mechanic!

Name: Howard, Rex
City: Wellington
State/Province: Wellington Region
Area Code: 6009
eMail: Howard.R.R
Web Site: None
Model: 1962 Midget MKI, 7a8c8040797014862
Comment: 1275 mtr & gearbox, disc brakes Rego 62MIDG
Check: NO
Where: member of M G club...very popular car in N.Z. -too many cars to list!
Who You Are: Car owned 25 years. N.Z. new. Done 2 N.Z. Alpine Rallies. Restored 3 years ago. Fitted with 1275 Motor & gear box, lower ratio dif and disc brakes plus 'fuelmaster' to allow running on unleaded petrol without modifing the head. Old English white with black interior - fitted with C.D./ stereo in-dash. Has St Christopher M.G. medallion (from Cream Cracker era) on dash board.

Name: Mullaly, Russ
City: Ellicott City
State/Province: Maryland
Area Code: 410
Web Site: None
Model: 1962 Midget MKI,
Check: YES

Name: Neeskens, Theo
City: Haarlem
Area Code: 023
Phone(Home): 023-5421390
Phone(Work): 030-2984211
Web Site:
Model: 1963 Midget MKI, GAN2L19663
Comment: 1275 and Minilite rep.
Check: YES
Where: Noord-Holland

Name: O'Neill, Kathleen
City: Morgan Hill
State/Province: California
Area Code: 95037
Phone(Home): (408) 778-0091
Phone(Work): (408) 894-5763
Web Site: None
Model: 1962 Midget MKI, 63GAV2L17681
Check: NO

Name: Ramsey, David
City: Reno
State/Province: Nevada
Area Code: 775
Phone(Home): 747-4625
Web Site: none
Model: 61 Bugeye, AN5L 44xxx
Comment: bone stock original
Model: 60 Bugeye, AN5L 22xxx
Comment: not stock
Model: 63 Midget MKI, UNK
Comment: parts for above cars
Check: YES
Where: Northern Nevada
Who You Are: geological engineer by trade, college math teacher till the price of gold gets back over $300 OZ.

Name: Samaroo, Peter
City: Charlotte
State/Province: North Carolina
Area Code: 704
Web Site: None
Model: 1959 Bugeye,
Comment: Daily Driver
Model: 1962 Midget MKI,
Comment: soon to be SCCA H-Production
Model: 1971 Midget MKIII,
Comment: Undergoing resurection
Model: 1973 Midget MKIII,
Comment: Parts car
Check: YES
Who You Are: Full time computer programmer, part time mechanic.

Name: Sudduth, Dan
City: Houston
State/Province: Texas
Area Code: 77030
Phone(Home): 713 3055376
Phone(Work): 713 5261029
Web Site:
Model: 1963 Midget MKI,
Comment: Runs great. Red
Model: 1973 Midget MKIII,
Comment: Beautiful car. Original. Red
Check: YES
Where: Houston, Texas
Who You Are: Own a computer Software company. Not that technical but have 43 years as a finance person. Past CFO of Public companies.

Name: Vanner, Phil
City: Minneapolis
State/Province: Minnesota
Area Code: 612
Phone(Home): (612) 789-4614
Phone(Work): (612) 897-9874
Web Site:
Model: 1961 Midget MKI, GAN1 L 2395
Comment: 1275/ribcase disc brake updates
Check: YES
Where: MN and western WI