Internet Spridget List Members For Kentucky(2)

Name: Dolloff, Paul
City: Lexington
State/Province: Kentucky
Country: USA
Area Code: 606
Phone(Home): 527-3501
Phone(Work): 744-4812 ext. 389
Web Site: None
Model: 1966 Sprite MKIII, HAN8L-59017
Comment: 1275, Datsun 5-speed
Model: 1966 Sprite MKIII, HAN8L-55641
Comment: 1275, Wire wheels
Model: 1966 Sprite MKIV,
Comment: Parts car
Check: YES
Where: Mid-West and SouthEast
Who You Are: I obtained a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Tennessee Technological University. I also earned Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in electrical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. In addition, I will be completing my Masters of Business Administration degree from Morehead State University this fall. I am employed as an engineer in the Research and Development department at East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) a non-for-profit electric utility and am responsible for power delivery. My job, in part, is to research the latest technologies aimed at improving reliability and efficiency of the EKPC and its 17 member systems' transmission and distribution system.

Name: Samples, Roger
City: Mt Sterling
State/Province: Kentucky
Country: USA
Area Code: 859
Phone(Home): 498-7824
Phone(Work): 498-4444
Web Site: None
Model: 1966 Midget MKII, GAN3L41557
Comment: restored
Check: YES
Where: Bluegrass area of central Kentucky.
Who You Are: 59 Years old. Married with 4 children. Had a midget just like this one as my first car in 1969-1971. Replaced with 1971 Midget.