Internet Spridget List Members For Innocenti

Name: Cogan, Larry
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Florida
Area Code: 321
Phone(Home): 254-4544
Web Site: None
Model: 60 Bugeye,
Comment: bone stock
Model: 70 Midget MKIII,
Comment: stock
Model: Innocenti,
Check: YES
Where: whatever it takes
Who You Are: Retired Army officer, former professional aviator, now in "amateur status". Add an MG TF and an MG TC to the list of cars.

Name: Keiger, Karl
City: Covington
State/Province: Louisiana
Area Code: =20
Phone(Home): =20
Phone(Work): =20
eMail: hpmowog@charter=2Enet
Web Site: =20
Model: 1959 Bugeye, =20
Comment: SCCA H-Prod racecar
Model: 1962 Sprite MKII, =20
Comment: Vintage racecar
Model: 1965 Innocenti, =20
Comment: Vintage racecar project
Model: 1959 Bugeye, =20
Comment: Street car - driver, not showcar
Check: YES
Where: Southern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi
Who You Are: I've been restoring and modifying Spridgets for about 20 years, and plan t= o do so for the next 20 as well=2E I am currently looking for a few parts f= or my 1965 Innocenti S (taillights, badges, and a few trim pieces), and am also interested obtaining Innocenti literature as well=2E -------------------------------------------------------------------- mail2web - Check your email from the web at http://mail2web=2Ecom/ =2E

Name: McCullough, Cesar
City: San Antonio
State/Province: Texas
Area Code: 210
Phone(Home): 828-5884
Phone(Work): 892-0708
Web Site: None
Model: 1961 Innocenti,
Comment: Innocenti 950 Spyder Red
Check: YES
Where: San Antonio

Name: Straub, Lothar
City: Utzenstorf
State/Province: BE
Area Code: CH-3427
Phone(Home): 0041 79 351 60 13
Web Site: None
Model: 1961 Innocenti,
Comment: Spider 950
Check: NO
Who You Are: I'm Swiss 54 age and my Innocenti Spider 950 (1961) Nr. 372 in restauration. January, 12, 2003