Internet Spridget List Members For Indiana(3)

Name: Stuckey, Alan
City: Beech Grove
State/Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Area Code: 317
Phone(Home): 835-2759
Phone(Work): 895-9595
Web Site: None
Model: 1960 Bugeye, AN5L 33253
Comment: Parts car for following
Model: 1961 Bugeye, AN5L 42580
Comment: originally leaf green - speedwell style bonnet very good original condition
Check: YES
Where: Central Indiana
Who You Are: Had a 59 bugeye in high school for one year. Never got over it. Now, at 45, I finally realized that dream of another great fun car. Nothing I've ever had was like that bugeye. Will begin restoration after several household projects are completed (promise to wife.)

Name: Woodward, Bruce
City: Warsaw
State/Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Area Code: 219
Phone(Home): 269-6101 eves
Phone(Work): 267-8816 days
Web Site:
Model: 1965 Midget MKII, GAN3L37491
Check: YES
Where: Northern Indiana
Who You Are: Real Estate Broker & Professional Landlord. Owned numerous B's,B-GT's, and a TR-3 back in my teens (mid 70's) had been exposed to TF & A's early on in my teen years. SU loves the Midget, thus looking for an A for myself as Jag 120 or 150 outa my price range.

Name: zeiler, jamon
City: aroura
State/Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Area Code: 47040
Phone(Home): 812 438 3716
Phone(Work): 812 290 4996
Web Site:
Model: 1976 Midget, Gan6 171709
Comment: excellent condition
Check: YES
Where: cincinnati ohio area
Who You Are: I am a musician and guitar maker. at the age of 18 I bought my first midget a new 1973 my dad went with me and cosigned the dealer was in Ft Lauderdale on rt 1a great memory I wish I still had it. so at 52 my wife bought me another one, it is a beauty, a 1976 77,000 miles and runs great I love to tinker with it. I wish I could find my old one I would love to buy it back :) thanks for the organization of your registry. Jamon