Internet Spridget List Members For Frogeye

Name: Davison, Edwin
City: Dublin
Area Code: 18
Phone(Home): +353 12831518
Phone(Work): +353 12950799
Web Site: None
Model: 1959 Frogeye,
Check: YES

State/Province: Washington
Area Code: 509
Phone(Home): 662-5374
Web Site: None
Model: 59 Frogeye,
Comment: doing ground-up restoration.original
Check: YES
Where: Washington state
Who You Are: 48 years old,25 years involved with working on LBC`s, wife Laurie shares my passion for restoring and works side by side in all phases. One son in USMC,one son, 16, still at home. I also have a fully restored Healey BJ8 67, and a fully restored 741/2 TR6. Work as salesman for a two store NAPA store. We take special pride in the fact we do all our own work on the cars, paint, body, weld, reuild, interior.

Name: East-Jones, Alan
City: Warwick
State/Province: Warwickshire
Area Code: 0441926 (01926 in UK)
Phone(Home): 774295
Web Site:
Model: 1958 * Frogeye, AN5/40506
Comment: * ringed with a 60 Vin plate
Model: 1972 Midget MKII, GAN5 / 114928 G
Comment: SEPT 72 undergoing lengthy resto
Model: 1959 Frogeye, tbc
Comment: bought from Texas awaiting resto
Check: YES
Where: warwickshire
Who You Are: until being made redundant in April 09 I have worked all my life as a designer in the automotive industry, starting with an apprenticeship at The Lockheed Hydraulic brake Co and Borg & Beck clutch co finishing with Ricardo consultancy working on Bugatti Veyron & Ford GT etc. Always had BL cars from minis , MGBGTs, Maestros Metros to present MGF and MGZR and of course the 58 Frogeye. Also ride and maintain 1927 Sunbeam motorcycle and 1997 suzuki Bandit

Name: Goede, Herb
City: Littleton
State/Province: Colorado
Area Code: 80123
Phone(Home): (303)730-1091
Phone(Work): (303)215-3842
Web Site: None
Model: '59 Frogeye, Can't remember. I'll add later.
Comment: Owned for 25+ years
Model: '77 Midget 1500, Can't remember. I'll add later.
Comment: In family since new.
Check: YES
Where: Denver metro
Who You Are: Purist. Hate the word restoration applied to a purple bugeye with GT steering wheel, 1275 & wires.

Name: Hedin, Dean
City: Hatboro
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Area Code:
Web Site: None
Model: 1959 Frogeye,
Check: YES
Where: PA, NJ areas
Who You Are: Contact me through the spridget list

Name: Lazarus, Gary
City: London
Area Code:
eMail: gary@frogeye.glowinternet dot com(replace dot with.)
Web Site: None
Model: 1958 Frogeye, AN5L 5613
Comment: Was LHD now RHD, 1275cc Goldseal Engine. Rivergate/Datsun
Check: NO
Who You Are: 43 years old living with Lois in Central London (not a Frogeye friendly place) all my life. Had to go all the way to Key West Fl. to fall in love with Frog/Bugeyes. Got one very soon after I returned. Taking it to Le mans this year.

State/Province: MALAGA
Area Code: 29620
Phone(Home): 0034952382528
Web Site: None
Model: 1959 Frogeye,
Check: YES
Who You Are: Had a Mk1V when I was 18 and living in Gibraltar now married and with 1 kid I dicided to indulge in what I had been lackin all these years,another Austin Healey.

Name: Young, Brett
City: Wellington
Area Code: 5051
Phone(Home): 04 5893849
Web Site: None
Model: 1959 Frogeye,
Check: NO
Who You Are: Owned this bugeye for 11months in 1972 as a student and sold it for an MGB. regretted it ever since as it was used for courting one and only wife. Bought it back as rusty hulk in 1990 and restored it. Well, sortof restored it.. as best I could anyway. Its a runner for sure. Currently in garage with busted spider gear in diff.. aargh. always something! I have owned 4 sprites all up but this old one is staying!