Spridget Rollover Frame

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David Campbell

This rollover frame is the brainchild of the late Dr. Ray Gibbons, and not I.  He was kind enough, just before his death, to send me his plans from which I was able to construct what you see here. 

A few notes:   First--on the bottom of the frame in the pictures, you will see a "dolly" made up of 2x4's in which the frame is sitting.  These were not in Dr. Gibbon's plans--I made these so I could roll the body around after rolling it over to the position in which I wanted to work on it.   I did not draw plans for the "dolly" but you can see the simplicity of them enough to bang out your own.

The Lower rear "L" brackets are nothing more than the "L" brackets you find in the building and decking department of Home Defect or your favorite lumber supplier.  They are bolted to the lower shock support.   The longer brackets are the angle iron with holes which I cut to size, cut at an angle, and welded together so I could screw them to the cross beams AND bolt them to a preexisting bolt on the body.  The front one was bolted the bottom bolt on the radiator cowl upright support.  The rear top one was bolted to the lower emergency brake bolt hole.  The two under the rear arch are bolted through the top shock holes.

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