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There are two screen savers available for download. Bugeyes.exe is just a random selection of bugeyes, most of which are in Amy Turners Spridget screen saver, and contains 49 images. The second consists of Bugeyes from Sprite Rush 98 and contains 72 images. Bugeyes.exe is larger because most of the images contained in it are larger.

Preview Bugeye.exe Screen Saver Images
Click Here To Download 2.9mb Bugeyes.exe

Preview Rush.exe Screen Saver Images
Click Here To Download 2.6mb Rush.exe

You'll be prompted by your web browser to specify where the downloaded file should be saved.  Remember where you save it!  You may choose to put it on your desktop so it will be easy to find or you may choose to create a temporary directory for the Bugeyes.exe or Rush.exe file.

Find the Bugeyes.exe or Rush.exe file and double-click it to run it.  The screen saver will be installed and will become the default screen saver for your PC.