Spridget Inspection Checklist (Provided By Dave Vrba)


Visible leaks__________Where______________________________
Visible body rust spots__________Where______________________
Tires got decent tread left______________Size_________________
Wheels stock_____________ Steel____________ Wire___________
A/H baby moon hub caps__________Condition__________________
Color__________Paint condition__________
Body condition______ dents______ dings_______________
Chrome bumpers condition__________
Grille condition__________
Windscreen cracked____ pitted__________Milky around edge__________
Alignment-Doors_____________ hood________ bonnet________ trunk lid________
All lenses intact not broken and are there__________
Outside Mirror(s)__________ Driver side________ Passenger side_______ Condition_______
Mirror(s) on door___________ or fenders_______________
Inside Rearview mirror____ Condition______
Got the side curtains________ Condition_____
Soft top__________ Condition__________
Hard top__________ Condition__________
Tonneau cover__________ Condition__________
Roll Bar__________ Chromed__________
Does it start__________ Is it supposed to be a good runner______________
Magnet test for Bondo_____________________________


Seat condition__________
Carpet condition__________ Color__________
Floor mats__________
Piping color around doors__________
Condition__________ Dash surface condition__________
All gauges there__________
Switch / knob(s) condition__________
Steering wheel condition__________
Horn push button there and correct__________ Condition__________
Hand brake chrome condition__________
Shifter boot there__________
Shifter boot cracked__________
Shifter knob original or after market__________


Hood latch securely__________
Easy hood latch release from pull knob under dash__________
Stock engine 948__________ other__________
Stock SU carb set up__________ other__________
Gas filter installed__________
Air filers there__________ Clean__________
Master cylinder for clutch / brake condition__________
Battery box__________ Corroded__________
Heater box intact__________
Heater blower motor intact__________
Heater bypass water valve there__________ Condition__________
Original fan or Texas cooler type__________
Electric fan installed__________
Any fluid leaking indications__________
Wiper motor intact__________
Generator condition__________
Tach sender unit condition__________
Valve cover condition__________ Leaks__________
Radiator condition__________
Radiator hose(s) condition__________
Water pump look sound__________
Water temp probe in block__________ or radiator__________
Oil condition________ Any evidence of coolant in the oil__________
Coolant condition_________Any evidence of oil in the coolant___________
Parking brake work__________
Check wiring is it basically stock or has it been reengineered.__________


Engine noises, knocks__________ clatters__________ rumbles__________ etc.
Transmission noises, Noisy in 1st__________ reverse__________ = Cluster gear $$$$
Shifting e.g. 2-3 shift grinds__________ = needs syncros
Other noises. Describe_________ coming from ____________
Tach work__________ Accurate__________
Speedo work__________ Accurate__________
Lights work__________ Low beam__________ High beam__________
Turn signals work__________
Horn work__________ From push-button in steering wheel__________
Wipers work__________
Washer work__________
Blower motor work__________
Oil pressure__________ Idle reading__________ Running reading__________
Water temp gauge work__________
Does it overheat__________
Gas gauge work__________ Accurate__________
Transmission slip__________ Jump out of gear__________
All gears working__________
Clutch slip__________
Brakes operate safely__________
How are the shocks__________
Does it idle ok__________


Quarter elliptic cars Door gap closed at bottom = spring box collapsing

Half elliptic Door gap closed at top = Frame sagged probably due to rust.

Usual rust spots are Bottom of door post, floorboards, rear quarter.

Lift up and down on door if lower hinge moves A-post is badly rusted.