Turbo Bugeye

Owner: Glen Byrns

More Pictures Will Be Added Later

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1275cc, bored 30 over. Flat-topped pistons. Shot-peened and counter-balanced rods and crank.  Turned down flywheel. Double sprung valves, "full race cam". Head is ported out to max dimensions indicated in Clymer's book.  The intake/exhaust manifold is a welded one-piece custom creation. Very simple and log like.  The turbocharger is the Rayjay Model 377 B25. Rayjay Industries, Long Beach CA.  The intake faces the driver's navel and has an adaptor to fit a single 1.25" SU with a rich needle. The exhaust pipe is about 2" ID, and starts forward toward the radiator, does a 180 and drops out the standard exit to a big standard looking muffler. The distributor is pure mechanical advance, no name visible.  Valves and points are standard book values, dynamic timed to ~5 deg. BTDC.  Unless the car's tach and my test kit tach are both lying, this sucker turns over 7K.  Turbo gauge was showing 10lbs and starting into the yellow on the way to red when I backed off. I don't want to know what happens in the red, but it can't be good, or affordable.

The 1.25" SU was chosen specifically to hold the boost down under 15 lbs, and he advises to keep it below 10lbs.  since the 1.25 easily allows this level of boost, more air is not necessary.  The builder said that he had done some smoothing of the combustion chambers, and carefully matched their volumes. He said he welded the intake/exhaust manifold out of black water pipe ground and fitted, arc-welded and painted.   the faceplate was cut from sheet steel, cut and ground to fit. I found a place in Texas that deals with turbos and found that RAYJAY was bought out and although the same turbo is still produced, it has become prohibitively expensive and they would suggest several others that are much more affordable.