Viva Las Vegas


Elvis Presley .... Lucky Jackson
Ann-Margret .... Rusty Martin
Cesare Danova .... Count Elmo Mancini
William Demarest .... Mr. Martin
Nicky Blair (I) .... Shorty Fansworth
rest of cast listed alphabetically
The Jubilee Four .... Themselves

Arguably the best of the standard Elvis Presley travelogue confections that comprised the majority of the films in his screen career, Viva Las Vegas succeeds largely due to the chemistry shared between E and sexy inferno Ann-Margret. Sporting the impossibly comic-book perfect names Lucky Jackson and Rusty Martin, the two stars forge a romance against the backdrop of the Vegas Grand Prix, which Elvis, naturally intends on winning. Typical Elvis movie values like achievement through hard work (E must slave away as a lowly hotel employee in order to raise enough cash to fix his racer) and plucky perseverance don't detract from the colorful widescreen photography and a number of fun songs, like "The Lady Loves Me," "C'mon Everybody," "I Need Somebody to Lean On," and the memorable title tune.