Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies


Bourvil .... Monsieur Dupont
Lando Buzzanca .... Marcello Agosti
Walter Chiari .... Angelo Pincelli
Peter Cook .... Major Digby Dawlish
Tony Curtis .... Chester Schofield
Mireille Darc .... Marie-Claude
Marie Dubois .... Pascale
Gert Fröbe .... Schickel
Susan Hampshire .... Betty
Jack Hawkins .... Count Levinovitch
Nicoletta Machiavelli .... Dominique
Dudley Moore .... Lt. Kit Barrington
Peer Schmidt .... Otto
Eric Sykes .... Perkins
Terry-Thomas .... Sir Cuthbert Ware-Armitage

Like many other racing comedies, 'Those Daring Young Men in their Jaunty Jalopies' suffers from simply having too much going on at once. The film has so many different characters it tries to devote time to, it's easy to forget everything that's going on. It seemed like whenever Tony Curtis appeared on the screen I thought "Oh yeah, forgot he was in this." The film might be considered a multi-car wreck had it not been for Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Cook plays a British inventor, Moore his trusty sidekick. These two have all the best lines in the movie, and their deadpan delivery is perfect.