The Young Racers


Mark Damon .... Stephen Children
William Campbell (I) .... Joe Machin
Luana Anders .... Henny
Patrick Magee (I) .... Sir William Dragonet
John McLaren .... Lotus Team Manager
R. Wright Campbell .... Robert Machin
Milo Quesada .... Italian Driver
Anthony Marsh .... Announcer
Marie Versini .... Sesia Machin
Margarete Robsahm .... Lea
Christina Gregg .... Daphne
Béatrice Altariba .... Monique

This is a great little film directed by Roger Corman and shot on location at actual Grand Prix events around the world. Free from the usual hokey back projection nonsense which usually dominates these type of movies, Corman literally fixed his cameras to the front of the cars and as a result the racing footage is wonderful.It was a real shame that Roger turned his substantial talents to grade z porno flicks in the 70s because he did some brilliant work earlier on. Corman discusses the making of this film in his fascinating autobiography -"How I made a hundred movies in Hollywood and never lost a Dime".