The Wraith 1986

Charlie Sheen .... The Wraith/Jake
Nick Cassavetes .... Packard Walsh
Sherilyn Fenn .... Keri
Randy Quaid .... Sheriff Loomis
Matthew Barry (I) .... Billy Henkins
David Sherrill .... Skank
Jamie Bozian .... Gutterboy
Clint Howard .... Rughead
Griffin O'Neal .... Oggie
Chris Nash (I) .... Minty
Vickie Benson .... Waitress
Peder Melhuse .... Murphy
Jeffrey Sudzin .... Redd
Michael Hungerford .... Stokes
Steven Eckholdt .... George

The movie was so cool the cast,cars,storyline,plot and music. If you are a car nut like me this is the perfect movie for you. There is cool music from the movie like Ozzy Osborne,Lion,Honeymoon Suite,Billy Idol,Richard Palmer,and Motley Crue. The gang is cool how they take your car if you lose the race against them and then they fix up the cars they win and give it new paint jobs and put cool parts on the car for to stand out. All the cars in the movie rock like a '84 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z,a '77 Trans Am with Mag wheels and with a blower stickin' out of the hood to top it off nice and tall,a '80's Corvette driven by the leader of the gang with a silver paint job and red trim and a Turbo Interceptor in black that looks like a concept car from the future and that is the car that kills the whole gang. It has a good love tale to the movie and a really good revenge against the gang that killed him when he was alive in the past and it has a really good ending at the end of the movie.