The Junkman


H.B. Halicki .... Harlan B. Hollis
Christopher Stone (I) .... Michael Fox
Susan Shaw (III) .... Susan Clark
Lang Jeffries .... Arthur Wheeler
Bruce Cameron (II) .... Bruce
Jack Vacek .... Jack
Dan Grimaldi .... Larry Bergleman
Kelly Busia .... Kelly Hollis
Richard L. Muse .... Richard Harris Hill
Freddy Canon .... Himself
Sharon McCreedy .... Richard's Secretary
Lynda Day George
Dennis Stouffer .... Dennis, Security Man
Judi Gibbs .... Christine
Brian LaBonge .... Brian

H.B. Halicki, who thrilled many with some of the most exciting car chases in GONE IN 60 SECONDS, had this follow-up a few years later called THE JUNKMAN. This time, it's more amusing and hilarious than the previous film, and you will expect both more and the same with the almost nonstop action. In Halicki's second effort, there are big explosions, gunslinging, and a femme fatale out to catch Harlan B. Hollis' butt (he played the role). Don't be perturbed, though. It isn't THE original movie, but given the notorious stuntwork and a sense of humor, it still has its credentials. You'll be amazed with the low-flying aircraft, plus a never-before-seen idea of autos driving over front hoods! As films like this go, it doesn't hang onto any new innovations, and the crashes are nothing to get nutty about. Sometimes, cars crash directly on purpose, which is lame. Halicki's talent in making movies shouldn't be denied, as logos of GONE IN 60 SECONDS appear almost every time. That includes a familiar prop, the beaten-up yellow '73 Mustang he named "Eleanor"! This one's different, but it won't leave you disappointed. If nobody can agree with the professional movie critics on THE JUNKMAN, who will?