The Italian Job

Mark Wahlberg .... Charlie Croker
Charlize Theron .... Stella Bridger
Donald Sutherland .... John Bridger
Jason Statham .... Handsome Rob
Seth Green .... Lyle
Mos Def .... Left Ear
Edward Norton .... Steve
Fausto Callegarini .... Italian Guard
Stefano Petronelli .... Garbageman/Thug
Fabio Scarpa .... Garbageman/Thug
Cristiano Bonora .... Garbageman/Thug
Tiberio Greco .... Garbageman/Thug
Jimmy Shubert .... First Detective
Tammi Cubilette .... Second Detective
Mary Portser .... Stella's Receptionist

THE ITALIAN JOB (2003) *** Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Seth Green, Mos Def, Jason Statham, Franky G., Donald Sutherland. Entertaining remake of the 1969 Michael Caine flick of the same name, this time with Wahlberg as the leader of a band of thieves who demand revenge when snaky partner Norton double-crossed them on their last gig (a $35 M cache in Venice) with a lot at stake including the daughter of his late mentor wanting vengeance (Theron). Fine action sequences and clever plottings thanks to the husband/wife screenwriting team of Wayne and Donna Powers who wisely add humor (largely to techno-geek Green who steals the show) to the criminal acts at hand. Calibrated direction by F. Gary Gray makes for a better than anticipated testosterone driven caper flick; film's highlight is the climactic heist involving Mini Coopers and LA's subway system against a chopper .