The Italian Job

Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) is out of jail and on the make with an ingenious plan for the heist of the century. Aided and abetted by top criminal mastermind Mr Bridger (Noël Coward), Charlie sets off with an ace team of villains and three very special minis to lift $4,000,000 from under the noses of the Turin Polizei. The trouble is, with the cops and Mafia on his tail, Charlie finds that grabbing the money is kid's stuff compared to getting away with it.... This action packed comedy drama is an all time cult classic of the 60`s, with the craziest car chase in movie history and an incredible cliff hanger finale, The Italian Job is the movie to beat them all. Watch this film if you love Minis, and superb car chases. A classic cult movie.

Memorable Quote : `Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off !`