The Gumball Rally

Michael Sarrazin .... Michael Bannon - Cobra Team
Norman Burton .... Lieutenant Roscoe
Gary Busey .... Gibson - Camaro Team
John Durren .... Ace Preston/Mr. Guts - Camaro Team
Susan Flannery .... Alice - Porsche Team
Harvey Jason .... Lapchick the Crazy Hungarian - Kawasaki
Steven Keats .... Kandinsky - Dodge Team
Tim McIntire .... Steve 'Smitty' Smith - Ferrari Team
Joanne Nail .... Jane - Porsche Team
Pat O'Malley (II) .... Barney Donahue - Mercedes Team
Tricia O'Neil .... Angie - Rolls Royce
Lázaro Pérez .... Jose - Rolls Royce
Nicholas Pryor .... Professor Samuel Graves - Cobra Team
Vaughn Taylor .... Andy McAllister - Mercedes Team
Wally Taylor .... Avila - Dodge Team

Before there was 'The Cannonball Run' there was 'The Gumball Rally.' The film concerns a bunch of racing nuts on a cross-country race from New York to LA. At least 'The Cannonball Run' took some time to create characters. The actors in this film seem like cardboard cutouts stuck behind the wheel of a fancy car for showroom purposes. Raul Julia is the only possible exception. The end result is that when we get down to the end of the race, nobody cares who wins because we've just spent the last hour and a half being annoyed by them. I admit, a few scenes did get a chuckle out of me, but they were few and far between.