Roy Scheider .... Buddy Manucci (7up)
Victor Arnold (II) .... Barilli (7up)
Jerry Leon (I) .... Mingo (7up)
Ken Kercheval .... Ansel (7up)
Tony Lo Bianco .... Vito Lucia the Undertaker
Larry Haines .... Max Kalish
Richard Lynch (I) .... Moon (Kidnapper)
Bill Hickman .... Bo (Kidnapper)
Lou Polan .... Carmine Costello
Matt Russo .... Festa the Bail Bondsman
Joe Spinell .... Toredano the Garage Man
Robert Burr (I) .... Lt. Jerry Hanes
Rex Everhart .... Insp. Gilson
David Wilson (V) .... Bobby, Kalish's Chauffeur
Ed Jordan .... Bruno, Kalish's Collector

New York City cops wage a war against assorted hoods and criminals after one of their own is brutally killed by a hoodlum. Seven-Ups refers to the minimum jail time each of the crooks will have to spend if they are caught.

The seven-ups are a secret, elite New York detective squad who are very effective in catching criminals, even if their tactics are questionable. However, what one of the detectives doesn't know is that one of his informants is mastermind of a plot to kidnap loan sharks. The kidnappers get to their victims by impersonating police officers. While investigating one of the disappearances, one of the seven-ups gets spotted and is killed. The situation puts the seven-ups in a precarious position because it looks like they are tied to the kidnappings. So now one detective has to find the murderers and clear the seven-ups' soiled reputation.