No Mans Land

With the well-bred ease of his wealthy upbringing, Ted Varrick (Charlie Sheen) steals Porsches as much for the thrills as for the ready cash. At 22 Varrick is surrounded by wealth and glamour. He lives a life where rules are made to be broken and money can buy just about anything. He's also a suspected cop killer. Benjy Taylor (D.B.Sweeney) is a rookie cop working undercover in Varrick`s operation. Benjy knows that the only way to get close to Varrick is to become an expert car thief. But he never suspected how much he would enjoy it. As their lives become intertwined, Benjy becomes seduced by Varricks`s corrupt and exotic work until he finds himself being pushed closer and closer to the point of no return.

Watch this film if you love Porsches, and great car chases.

Memorable Quote : `Welcome to the lifestyles of the rich and aimless`

Memorable Quote : `Na, Italian trash, besides I only steal Porsches !`