Mad Max

Mel Gibson .... 'Mad' Max Rockatansky
Joanne Samuel .... Jessie Rockatansky
Hugh Keays-Byrne .... Toecutter
Steve Bisley .... Jim Goose, Main Force Patrol Officer (Bronze)
Tim Burns (I) .... Johnny the Boy
Roger Ward (I) .... Fifi Macaffee
Lisa Aldenhoven .... Nurse
David Bracks .... Mudguts
Bertrand Cadart .... Clunk
David Cameron (IV) .... Barry, MFP Garage Mechanic
Robina Chaffey .... Singer at Sugartown Nightclub
Stephen Clark (I) .... Sarse
Mathew Constantine .... Toddler
Jerry Day .... Ziggy
Reg Evans .... Station Master

In an Australian dystopia of decaying order and violent highways, a police pursuit driver is drawn into a path of vengeance after a motorcycle gang targets him for the death of their former leader. In the U.S. the Aussie accents were dubbed over. The sequel to _Mad Max_ was originally titled _The Road Warrior_ but is now known as _Mad Max 2_.

A police officer in the outback of a grim futuristic Australia is caught up in a struggle with lawless biker gangs. After the death of his partner at the hands of these thugs he realises that not only his life is in danger, but also the lives of his wife and child.