Le Mans

Starring: Steve McQueen, Siegfried Rauch, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Elga Andersen, Luc Merenda

Directed by: Lee H. Katzin

Produced by: Jack N. Reddish

Written by: Harry Kleiner

An American race car driver (Steve McQueen) returns to competition a year after an accident leaves him badly injured. As he prepares to face his chief rival in the famous Le Mans race, he also begins a new romance with the wife of a driver who died in the same accident that nearly killed him. Often considered the best racing film ever, LE MANS captures on film the personal intrigue and death-defying sportsmanship of the world's most famous and dangerous racing competition. Steve McQueen did most of his own driving on the 8.5 mile course, often exceeding 200 mph.