Dana Andrews .... Tom Phillips
Jeanne Crain .... Peg Phillips
Mimsy Farmer .... Gloria
Laurie Mock .... Tina Phillips
Paul Bertoya .... Duke
Gene Kirkwood .... Ernie
Tim Stafford .... Jamie Phillips
George Ives .... Lank Dailey
Hortense Petra .... Wife at Picnic
William Mims .... Man at Picnic
Paul Genge .... Highway Patrol Officer
Peter Oliphant .... Little Boy at Picnic
Harry Hickox .... Bill Phillips
Charles P. Thompson .... Charley, Service Station Proprietor
Mickey Rooney Jr. .... Combo Leader

Despite the fact that "Hot Rods" is undoubtedly one of the most God-awful movies ever made, I couldn't help but give it a 10. Somehow, you have to admire a movie that's just so irretrievably bad, and this one is so bad it has to be seen to be believed.

From the cheesy opening car crash (seemingly lifted from SNL's Toonces the Driving Cat skit) to outrageously deadpan dialogue that manages to be even funnier than an episode of Dragnet '67, this film will leave you absolutely breathless with laughter in much the same way that "Plan Nine From Outer Space" does. ** Pay close attention to the scene in which Jeanne Crain loses control of the car. This scene is so hysterically funny that it should win some kind of award in the Bad Acting Hall of Shame.**