Lori Nelson (I) .... Lisa Vernon
Chuck Connors (I) .... Detective Ben Merrill
John Smith (I) .... Jeff Northrup
Mark Andrews (VII) .... Bronc Talbott
Roxanne Arlen .... L.P.
Frank Gorshin .... Flat Top
Fred Essler .... Yo-Yo
Eddie Ryder .... Two Tanks
Carolyn Kearney .... Judy
Del Erickson .... Steve Northrup
Russell Thorson .... Detective Captain (as Russ Thorson)
Dabbs Greer .... Henry Frye
Charles Keane .... Pat, Motorcycle Cop

This film will take you back to the days of rock and roll, jukeboxes and of course, hot rods. Well acted (especially by John Smith) and Lori Nelson is real easy to look at (although you might prefer her cool '55 T-bird). It's also fun to watch a pre-Riddler Frank Gorshin in one of his early roles. Get ready to to roll up your sleeves and grease your hair back while you watch "Hot Rod Girl".