Hollywood Knights


Director Floyd Mutrux

Starring Tony Danza , Robert Wuhl

Featuring Fran Drescher, Leigh French, Randy Gornel, Gary Graham, Sandy Helberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gailard Sartain, Charles Stewart

Director of Photography William A. Fraker

Editor Stanford C. Allen

Producer Richard Lederer

Production Designer Lee Fischer

Screenwriter Floyd Mutrux

Mutrux's crude cult classic answer to AMERICAN GRAFITTI and ANIMAL HOUSE follows the comic exploits of the Hollywood Knights, a rowdy, prank-happy car club, and their screwball leader Newbomb Turk (Wuhl). When a group of Beverly Hills preppies decide to run the déclassé pranksters out of town by closing down their hang-out--Tubby's Drive-in--the 'Knights (featuring a young Danza and Pfeiffer) unleash a chaotic string of practical jokes in retaliation, culminating in a hell-raising Halloween free-for-all. Long enjoying cable TV-fed cult status, the film's video release was held up for years due to music rights.