Fear Is The Key

Credited cast:
Barry Newman .... John Talbot
Suzy Kendall .... Sarah Ruthven
John Vernon .... Vyland
Dolph Sweet .... Jablonsky
Ben Kingsley .... Royale
Ray McAnally .... Ruthven
Peter Marinker .... Larry
Elliott Sullivan .... Judge Mollison
Roland Brand .... Deputy
Tony Anholt .... FBI agent

Following the death of his family in an aeroplane crash, a man plots an elaborate revenge scheme on those responsible. By setting himself up as a criminal, he plans to get close to a certain tycoon who has been approached by the culprits to help them retrieve the cargo of the lost plane.

This is perhaps the best of all the MacLean's film adaptations. It begins with the most extraordinary car chase imaginable (far better than the much touted one in The French Connection) and never relaxes from that point on.