© 1968 Warner Bros.
Running Time : 109 minutes
Steve McQueen plays the title role in Bullitt, a gritty detective thriller. From opening shot to closing shoot-out, Bullitt is packed with authentic touches - and on-location filming in San Francisco, crisp dialogue and uncompromising, to-the-letter police, hospital and morgue procedures. But the most memorably authentic touch of all is Bullitt`s celebrated car chase. McQueen, an expert automobile and motorcycle racer, does his own stunt driving as he propels his high-performance Mustang GT around and over San Francisco`s fabled hills at speeds up to 115 miles per hour.
The chase, filled with screeches, sensations and stomach-churning leaps, is one of the most memorable pursuit sequences in movie history. Bullitt`s tough-minded realism is never off target. McQueen - cool, calm and convincing as only he can be - is a master at this style, and Frank Bullitt is his masterpiece.

One man, one car, 1,000 hubcaps.