Beyond Thunderdome

Mel Gibson .... 'Mad' Max Rockatansky
Tina Turner .... Aunty Entity
Bruce Spence .... Jedediah the Pilot
Adam Cockburn .... Jedediah Jr.
Frank Thring (I) .... The Collector
Angelo Rossitto .... The Master
Paul Larsson .... The Blaster
Angry Anderson .... Ironbar
Robert Grubb .... Pig Killer
George Spartels .... Blackfinger
Edwin Hodgeman .... Dr. Dealgood
Bob Hornery .... Waterseller
Andrew Oh .... Ton Ton Tattoo
Ollie Hall .... Aunty's Guard
Lee Rice .... Aunty's Guard

Bartertown is a city on the edge of a desert that has managed to retain some technology if no civilization. Max has his supplies stolen and must seek shelter there in a post apocalypse world where all machines have begun to break down and barbarians hold what is left. He becomes involved in a power struggle in this third Mad Max film where he must first survive the town, survive the desert and then rescue the innocent children he has discovered.

Robbed of his possessions whilst travelling through the Australian outback, Max manages to stumble upon Bartertown, a trading post for all manner of criminals and governed by Aunt Entity and Master Blaster. He is forced to fight on behalf of Aunt Entity in order that she gain complete control of the town, but he is thrown back out into the desert when the fight is over. He then stumbles upon a group of orphans, the only survivors of a plane crash during the nuclear war and with their help he returns to Bartertown.

Mad Max is a former cop who finds himself in a post-apocolyptic desert town called Bartertown. He is hired by the leader of the city to fight in a gladiator like arena called Thunderdome, so he can kill Auntie's rival master blaster. He is later banished and finds a group of children that survived a plane crash during the war. They believe he is their former pilot Captain Walker. Some of the children leave to find their fabled tomorrow morrow land. So Mad Max has to save them from the desert and from Auntie's Bartertown.